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Intelligent Economy

Enabling Sustainable Growth

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The Intelligent Economy generates value through the seamless integration of next-generation technologies including but not limited to 5G+, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and the Internet of Things (IoT) to progress singlepoint intelligence systems working in isolation towards multiple intelligence systems that operate in tandem, that have the strong potential to create new and innovative solutions to enhance productivity gains, social well-being, and benefits to the environment.


The Intelligent Economy could be worth US$18.8 trillion by 2030. This study attempts to capture the value of these benefits through three sources of impact

  • Total:

    US$18.8 trillion

  • =
  • Productivity:

    US$9.1 trillion

  • +
  • Social:

    US$5.2 trillion

  • +
  • Environmental:

    US$4.5 trillion


Productivity Impacts of the Intelligent Economy

Social Impacts of the Intelligent Economy

Environmental Impacts of the Intelligent Economy

Key Technologies

Intelligent Economy

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