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Intelligent Automotive Solution 2030

Bringing digital to every vehicle will empower intelligent driving, intelligent spaces, intelligent services, and intelligent operations in the future. As ICT is integrated into the automotive industry at an increasing speed, cross-industry collaboration becomes increasingly important.
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Bringing digital to every vehicle

automotive 01

Half of their global sales to be fully electric

automotive 02

The whole-vehicle computing power will exceed 5,000 TOPS

automotive 03

Autonomous vehicles sold in China will account for 20% of new vehicles

automotive 04

In-vehicle network transmission speed per link will exceed 100 Gbps

Technology Projection

New components will drive sustained innovation in intelligent vehicles

automotive platform 1

Architecture Platform

Evolving to a central computing and communications architecture for software-defined vehicles.

automotive intelligent driving 1

Intelligent Driving

Making autonomous driving a commercial reality faster.

automotive intelligent cockpit 1

Intelligent Cockpits

AI speeds up software and hardware upgrade.

automotive optical 1

In-vehicle Optical Applications

Lighting up a new vision for drivers and passengers.

automotive cloud3 1

Intelligent Vehicle-cloud Services

Helping carmakers become digital, service-oriented companies.

automotive intelligent power 1

Intelligent Mobility Power

High convergence, high efficiency, and high voltage.

automotive safety 1

Safety and Trustworthiness

Defense in depth through cyber security and functional safety integration.

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