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Electric Power Digitalization 2030

Based on the new industry trend of clean and low-carbon electric power development, we will find innovative scenarios and key technologies for the industry to ensure energy security, maximize energy utilization efficiency, reduce energy waste, and promote high-quality energy and electric power development.
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Electric Power Digitalization Blueprint

Electricity will better serve industries and households.

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Digital green power plant: Full-cycle digital twin, Remote, intelligent and centralized control

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Digital inspection of power grids: Intelligent line inspection, Smart substation

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Multi-source self-healing distribution: Multi-source distribution network operations, Self-healing distribution network control

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Multi-energy collaboration and complementation: Smart campus, Smart building

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Cross-region power dispatching: Intelligent power grid dispatching, Virtual power plant

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Green and low carbon enablement: Carbon trading, Carbon inclusion

Key Technical Features

The digital twin of the entire power system is achieved through advanced improvement of digital capabilities such as digital monitoring, intelligent analysis, and digital and intelligent autonomy.

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Green network

All-optical networks provide green transport capacity assurance for computing power

  • Optical lines: The transmission rate, single-fiber capacity, and communication performance are improved.

  • Optical nodes: simplified exhibition site configuration and flexible system configuration.

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Secure and reliable

3-layer defense, ensuring intrinsic and endogenous security

  • Transmission layer: anti-interruption, and service continuity

  • Service layer: anti-attack, preventing network breakdown

  • Data layer: anti-ransomware, preventing data loss

Technology convergence promotes native trustworthiness

  • Data security technologies promote data assetization and ensure security compliance throughout the lifecycle

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Ubiquitous sensing

Smart terminals help build a multi-dimensional sensing network, featuring IoT, data connection, and smart connection.

  • IoT: Full coverage, full inspection, and full access implement all-round and all-weather holographic perception.

  • Data connection: Unify the standards of edge terminals to achieve data convergence.

  • Smart connection: AI capabilities on the cloud are deployed closer to users to implement intelligent control and identification.

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Real-time network connection

5G + Wi-Fi/GWL, reducing E2E communication latency

  • 5G uRLLC: ultra-low latency and ultra-high reliability

  • Wi-Fi: low latency and high rate

  • GWL: mobile terminal, WLAN, and uplink access network

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Intrinsic and endogenous intelligence

Consolidate the application foundation of AI technologies to build a green computing network

  • One network for intelligent power computing: Build a powerful green computing base through "one network for power and computing", AI solutions, and quantum chips

  • TinyML: The power system uses "cloud training and edge inference" to meet real-time requirements and improve edge reliability

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Service openness

Open cloud-network architecture, achieving data sharing, capability sharing, ecosystem co-construction, and industry prosperity

  • Cloud openness: Open tools help enterprises achieve low-cost, efficient, and agile development

  • Data openness: Build a unified data storage resource pool to break new data silos in the multi-cloud and edge cloud era

  • Network openness: AI+simulation: analyze, infers, judge, and predict the network status, implementing L5 autonomous networks throughout the lifecycle

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